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The Cosmopolitan Law Journal is the biannual peer-reviewed journal on international law produced by the Law Faculty of Rio de Janeiro State University. It will be launched in 2013, and intends to be a resource for those seeking to know the Brazilian academic production in international law, as well as spread their own works to Brazilian internationalists. The Cosmopolitan Law  Journal invites original unpublished articles for its next and other future issues.

The Cosmopolitan Law Journal is focused in public and private international law with the main interest of becoming a medium of exchange on its covered matters between Brazilian and foreign audience. Each issue will contain: a general articles section, a jurisprudence review section, and a special section, containing a number of articles on one focus area.

The First Issue of the Cosmopolitan Law Journal will be published in June 2013. We welcome contributions on all themes of international law, and particularly for inclusion in the Special Section: “Human Rights: cross-fertilization between regional institutions”.

Current and past volumes of the journal will be available in Rio de Janeiro State University publications page, at: http://www.e-publicacoes.uerj.br/

Prospective authors are advised that:
* All submitted articles will be considered by our Editorial team. Articles which are not deemed thematically suitable for the following issue will be considered for future issues unless authors request otherwise.
* Shortlisted articles are subjected to a double blind peer review prior to being accepted for publication, enabling the author to receive comments before publication.
* The Cosmopolitan Law Journal will be available free of charge online, under a Creative Commons license.

Submission Process and Deadline
* Authors must submit their texts as an e-mail attachment saved in MS Word (docx or doc) or Rich Text Format (rtf) with a brief abstract (max 300 words) and the contact details and current position of the author, to cosmopolitanlaw@gmail.com.
* The deadline for submission of articles for inclusion in the first issue is Monday 29 April 2013. The author will then be required to be available to respond to the comments of peer reviewers sometime between sending the article and May 2013.

Submission Guidelines
* Articles should be original, unpublished work.
* Articles may be written in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish.
* Articles must contain footnote referencing.
* Articles must contain abstract and key-words in a second idiom.
* Articles should be between 5,000 and 10,000 words in length.

For further information regarding submissions, please email:

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